Gambling has been my passion for years. I find the risk factor exhilarating. My Grandpa taught me how to play Blackjack when I was young, and as I got older I got into Poker and Roulette as well. I would teach my friends the card games I knew, and we would bet with marbles, sports cards or candy.

I found that I loved teaching these games to fresh minds. I could easily spot in a group who would be a good poker player and who wouldn’t. In high school I got together a club of my peers who I thought would be interested in learning the games involving high risk. We developed a secret little society, and before long we started betting bigger. As our fascination grew, we looked up new games and found books on strategies for our favorites.

As adults, my friends and I continue to collaborate on gathering information on casino games, and we still have regular poker tournaments. But my ultimate goal is to teach others about the games, and the strategies behind them. I created this site to let everybody share in my passion and be a part of something grand.